Maximising Your Ambition is a self-paced, fully digital course developmental coaching journey over 3-4, that will help you break through barriers in your life and reach your potential.

We have worked with some of the most ambitious people and in some of the most ambitious environments globally, including at McKinsey – the global management consulting firm – and with more than 30 Fortune 500 companies. What differentiates this course is the combination of deep introspection and personal development practices, coupled with rigour and intensity.

We know that achieving your ambitions is complex, and that the answer is not just to “work harder” or turn down our ambitions. Instead, we provide proprietary assessments and tools that you can put into place immediately. Maximising Your Ambition summarises more than 30 years’ of combined research and practice into a structured course with over 35 videos, workbook, exercise sheets, assessments, and templates.

Maximising Your Ambition outline


  • Welcome to the program
  • The gifts and challenges of ambition
  • The core concept / The return on ambition equation
  • The journey ahead
  •  Download center: here are your course resources

Assessing your Return on Ambition

  • Defining the premises of my ambition
  • Return on ambition assessment
  • Assessing your results and current trajectory
  • Red flags

What gets in the way of my ambition?

The concept of Frenemies and why they’re critical

  • Frenemy 1 – Convention
  • Frenemy 2 – Boldness
  • Frenemy 3 – Independence
  • Frenemy 4 – Competitiveness
  • Frenemy 5 – Perseverance
  • Frenemy 6 – Desire
  • Frenemy 7 – Flexibility

Your Frenemy action plan

  • Frenemy self-assessment
  • Identifying your biggest personal impact areas

Tool 1: Philosophy of ambition

  • Goals as ends vs. means, and the power of a philosophy
  • Example of a philosophy of ambition
  • Coaching session 1

Tool 2: Immediate Priority

  • The Three sources of poor goal setting
  • Setting effective goals + example
  • Coaching session 2

Tool 3: Weekly Deliberation

  • The power of learning loops
  • Example loop in action
  • Hacking the brain
  • Coaching session 3

Tool 4: Frenemy Radar

  • Getting a grip on thoughts and feelings
  • Supervising your Frenemies
  • Coaching session 4

Recap and post-program check-in

  • Your ongoing cadence for continuous development
  • Instituting personal rituals
  • 3-month check-in

BONUS: Peer group learning sessions

  • Peer group learning group setup
  • Example agendas for learning sessions
  • How to be a great group facilitator

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