Return On Ambition Webinars

The Return on Ambition webinars engage and stretch the participants, while sending them on a new trajectory regarding success and fulfilment. People gain profound insights about themselves and a better feel for what works for them.

The webinar series covers all the key concepts from the Return on Ambition book. The participants reflect, while walking these through and formulating their own future approach. This helps them to relate differently to personal development, intrinsic motivation, peak performance, and work-life balance.

The standard webinar consists of three two-hour sessions with two weeks between each, giving the participants time to prepare and experiment.

The themes of each session are:

  • Session 1: The Return on Ambition Equation + the seven Frenemies
  • Session 2: The seven Frenemies (revisited) + the first half of the
  • Return on Ambition Toolbox
  • Session 3: The entire Return on Ambition Toolbox